German Language Lessons

Personal German Language Tutor and Tuition Services

I began tutoring 10 years ago and enjoy teaching people to speak German. It is a lot of fun and it is practical for your trip to Germany.
I also offer language tuition in German at any level.

Are you a total beginner? No problem!
I have had students from 3 to 85 years old.

Or are you preparing for exams? Let me help you do well in your exams.

Is there romance in the air? I can help with your language problems.

Please bring your own books to show me. I have many course-books which I can recommend to you too. I also have tapes and videos, which might help. Do you have a good grammar book and dictionary?

If you are serious about learning, you will need pen and paper for your lesson. Please note down AT LEAST everything I jot down.

I will conduct the lesson in German as much as I can. I will encourage you to speak German as much as you can, so maybe I will look for more than a 'one word answer.' Try it!

Regarding payment: You can either pay from lesson to lesson, which some do. Or you can pay for ten lessons at once and I will give you eleven. Call me and I will tell you more!

Danke schön!